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Our philosophy is to provide individualised services for each client, using the best equipment, and employing qualified and fully-accredited staff to improve your physical health.

FitBone Psychotherapy is for championing evidence-based, cost-effective private physiotherapy with FitBone members in the changing healthcare marketplace.

  • Examine critically to ensure alignment
  • FitBone - Increasing / improving communication with our members
  • Specialist psychotherapist and clinical supervision
  • Potential impact of co-operatives

We are functional and well-structured and use planning and capacity management tools and systems.

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Our Fees

Which services are right for you? Choose a single service or a package that best matches your needs today and helps you reach and improve your health and fitness goals tomorrow.

Basic Therapy

150 $
  • Whole Body Scan
  • Measurement Of Fat
  • Track Your Bone
  • Track your Muscle
  • Monitor Your Progress
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Standard Therapy

350 $
  • Whole Body Scan
  • Scan Your Spine
  • Track your Muscle
  • Scan Your Hip
  • Monitor Your Progress
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Extended Therapy

800 $
  • Whole Body Scan
  • Forearm Scan
  • Orthopedic Scan
  • Lateral Vertebral
  • Monitor Your Progress
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Our Testimonials

Many people has benefitted by our awesome therapy services and give their most valuable complement about us that why we best and how our services will help your physical health.

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